Kylie Jenner's Vegan Leather Clothing Line Getting Support From PETA

Kylie Jenner is earning some serious kudos from PETA for her decision to make her new clothing line animal-friendly.

The billionaire makeup mogul is now dipping into the clothing biz, and the first drop from her company, Khy, includes a trench coat and some skintight dresses made with faux leather.

kylie jenner

The folks over at PETA tell TMZ … they’re thrilled Kylie’s going with vegan leather because it “spares vulnerable cows the slaughterhouse knife and shows that kruelty-free fashion is truly the way of the future.”

Kylie keeps piling up brownie points with the animal rights crowd … as we first reported, PETA also applauded her faux lion dress from Paris Fashion Week as a statement against trophy hunting.

With Kylie looking like she’s going all-in on faux animal products, PETA’s excited for the future because she holds so much influence, especially when it comes to fashion.

PETA adds … “We look forward to seeing kind consumers across the country keep up with Khy by embracing an animal-friendly wardrobe.”

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