LeBron James Rocks $1,000 Prada Shoes To Lakers Game

LeBron James may be Nike’s billion-dollar man, but the guy still loves incredibly expensive designer sneakers … ’cause the NBA superstar rocked $1,000 Prada shoes on his way to the Lakers game on Wednesday.

LBJ went full Bruce Wayne as he made his way to Staples Center for the season opener against the Golden State Warriors … wearing an all-black Thom Browne suit and the clunky kicks to round out the look.

As it turns out, the “Cloudbust Thunder Technical Fabric Sneakers” come with a hefty price tag — more than 5 times the amount his own signature sneaks cost.

Remember, LBJ is tied to the Swoosh for life with a deal reportedly worth 10 figures back in 2016 … after initially signing with Nike back in 2003.

LBJ was clearly sending a message with his wardrobe choice as he heads into season 19 — saying, “Bron Wayne/🦇. Put the logo in the sky and I got it from there” on Instagram.

James certainly had his Batman moments during the game, but it seems like he needs more Robins — the Lakers lost 121-114.

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