LeBron's Son Bronny James Denied Entrance at Saweetie Party at Hollywood Nightclub

Bronny James and Shareef O'Neal

A couple of Nepo babies just got a taste of the limits of family fame … because Bronny James and Shareef O’Neal were unceremoniously rejected from a hot Hollywood party.

Bronny James and Shareef O'Neal

Bronny, who’s about to play at USC, and his pal Shareef showed up at Poppy Monday night, for Saweeties’ birthday bash. You’d think they’d be a shoo-in given their famous fathers — LeBron and Shaq, but it was embarrassingly not the case.

The 2 didn’t get through the front door … denied, denied.

Bronny James and Shareef O'Neal

On the other hand, it’s possible their status isn’t what torpedoed them. They were with a bunch of friends and no one got in.

Well, lots to do in Hollywood, so we’re guessing their party went on.

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