Love Island fans fuming at Grafties Awards as they slam ‘fake and disrespectful’ stars

There was plenty more drama served up in the Love Island villa on Tuesday night, 25 July, as the newly-introduced Grafties Awards took place.

It saw the Islanders sit in their couples at red tables in the garden, as producers rolled the tapes to see Islanders pitted against each other to 'win' awards in categories such as 'Most Snakey Sitch' and 'Flirtiest Performance', which were voted for by the public.

The Islanders cringed as they watched their tapes back and, naturally, tensions rose as they fought amongst themselves.

And there was as much tension rolling off the show's viewers too, as they vented about the Islanders, slamming certain people as 'fake' and 'disrespectful'.

Tyrique Hyde came under fire from many show viewers, after he reacted angrily on a number of occasions, including when the tapes showed him telling Ella B that it was a 'shame' that their last kiss (outside of the villa) was, indeed, their last.

He also exploded at Lochan for talking to Whitney about the Abi and Mitch drama, which didn't go down well with Lochan, as well as shouting at some of the girls.

One person tweeted: "Tyrique cannot win. This man is so disrespectful and rude. Please get him out #LoveIsland."

Another said: "Why does Ty think it’s okay to comment on every situation and talk to girls with such disrespect but as soon as he gets shut down or a response he doesn’t like he gets defensive and shuts down the convo ? If ur gonny dish it out take it in “big man” #LoveIsland."

Mitch came under fire as he featured in many of the categories and, unsurprisingly, exchanged many a harsh word with Abi across the garden.

As he went to accept his awards for 'Mad Moves' Mitch got defensive and ended up shouting at many of his fellow Islanders, leaving his love rival, Scott, to brand him a 'd**khead'.

Regarding him, one person wrote on Twitter: "Mitch is so nasty, like so so nasty #LoveIsland," whilst another tweeted: "mitch ur not funny #LoveIsland."

Someone else said: "I'm so glad mitch has got his karma and hopefully that finally shuts him up now. #LoveIsland."

Other viewers declared that Abi had been 'vindicated' after the Islanders saw Mitch telling her that he wasn't interested in Ella B – his current partner.

"VINDICATION!!! #LoveIsland," tweeted one person, whilst another said: "They reamed Abi out but shes getting a little vindication #LoveIsland".

A third wrote: "I think abi deserves an apology from Ella B and Mitch #Loveisland, as a fourth tweeted: "YASSSSSSS ABI IS VINDICATED #LoveIsland."

Others, however, didn't think that Abi deserved to be vindicated, as one wrote: "Abi is way too smug right now like you’re not a saint either hun #LoveIsland."

Someone else said: "And it's the same Abi that wanted Mitch and Scott to fight for her init…get that fake out #LoveIsland."

There will no doubt be plenty of tension lasting overnight in the villa, so it might spill over next time.

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