Love Island’s Sharon Gaffka says she’s ’proud’ of having McDonald’s job as a teen

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After old photos revealed Sharon Gaffka’s past career as a McDonalds employee, the Love Island star has insisted she's “not ashamed” of working at the fast food restaurant.

Having been dumped from the villa this weekend, Sharon jumped on social media to answer questions while in isolation following her time on the show.

When asked if she had really worked for McDonalds, Sharon confirmed she had worked there as a teenager and didn’t regret it – also revealing that the job helped pay for her first car.

She wrote: "Yeah baby! I'm not ashamed to say i used to serve fries and nuggets when i was 16! (not sure why people think i am or tried to hide it!) Jobs a job.

"Helped me buy my first car so no complaints from me!" she said.

The picture of Sharon working at a McDonald's, and wearing the chain's green polo shirt uniform, emerged while she was still in the villa.

A Twitter user sharing the snap wrote: “Sharon from Love Island saying she’s only ever dated bankers or doctors. Don’t forget your roots."

Referencing one of Sharon's comments on the show, they added: "And the comment of 'of course I stand out in Didcot, I mean, look at me'.

"Oh please! Look at all the work you’ve had done to “stand out'."

Plenty of fans were quick to defend Sharon against the attacking comments.

One said: "Ah she's ok just wants to put herself out there everyone has to start from the bottom … good luck to her."

Another wrote: "You know love Island isn't real life right? It's a show. They're told what to say and directed. Get a grip and stop being so salty."

Now back in England, Sharon shared her return with a photo of herself posing in a pink airplane, with the caption: "Finally back in the UK, laying on my sofa with the pizza I’ve been craving for weeks!

"Thank you so much to everyone who has sent messages love and support! It’s been a huge whirlwind so it all means the world to me!"

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