MAFS star Amy Christophers goes cold water swimming on Christmas Day: ‘It’s like euphoria’

Amy Christophers has revealed her plans to go for a cold water swim on Christmas Day.

The Married At First Sight star won't be spending her whole Christmas wrapped up on the sofa like many of us, as she revealed swimming in the chilly sea "calms" her.

Amy, 34, opened up about her Christmas plans in an exclusive chat with OK!.

In an exclusive chat to promote her stunning earring launch with Red Ruby Rouge, Amy revealed: "I'm going to spend Christmas with my family, I'm meeting my best mates on Christmas Eve and we're gonna go for lunch, a walk, hopefully go and see some reindeers. I just wanna do all the real cliché stuff.

"I'm taking myself off to a panto on my own as well. And I'm gonna go for a swim on Christmas Day morning – bit of cold water swimming. I'm just gonna try and like swim as often as I can in the sea while I'm here in Cornwall."

The stunning reality star, who recently said her love life is "non-existent", added that the activity is somewhat of a tradition for Cornish locals around the Christmas period.

She: "It's normally New Years Day is a really big thing of cold water swimming in the sea but I'm gonna do it on Christmas Day – there are quite a lot of people that do it on Christmas Day as well.

"But, I'm gonna be in London for New Years Eve so I'll miss that New Years swim so I'm gonna make the most of it while I'm there for Christmas."

Amy revealed that the chilly activity is something she really enjoys.

"Honestly, cold water therapy is the best. I just love water, it just instantly calms me. Water is the best," Amy revealed.

The gorgeous brunette added: "I'm not a fan of the cold but I can't explain it, it's just… it's like euphoria. You don't even feel cold you just feel so energised and it's really good for the human spirit as well."

The Married At First Sight star added that she really embraced the hobby after her mum suffered a stroke.

"When I was back living in Cornwall when my mum had a stroke, that was my little respite," she said. "So I was going off and having a little swim every day. That's when I really got into it."

When asked who she swims with, Amy revealed: "My friends have got into it as well, it's kind of a thing we do. It was something we did in lockdown because you can be socially distanced and you're getting a bit of exercise and you can also chill with your mates – we were shouting across the sea at each other but it's really nice!

"They're like really happy memories that I've got."

Amy recently released the first piece in her earring collection with Red Ruby Rogue, which she revealed is something she always wanted to do.

"I've always been a big fan of statement earrings and prior to going on to Married At First Sight I was looking at jewellers and things to make my own earrings," she explained.

"It was always something that was something that was on my agenda and vision board and then Red Ruby Rouge saw me on Married At First Sight and loved my earring collection that I already had. They reached out and asked me if I would be up for designing my own earrings and I was literally like: 'Wow, oh my god this is actually my dream come true!'"

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