Mark Consuelos' Reaction to Kelly Ripa's Cheeky Instagram Picture Is Hilarious

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos honestly have the type of marriage I would die for. Sure, they’ve been together for the past 25 years, but it doesn’t seem like they ever really get tired of each other, which TBH is pretty dang aspirational??? And their respective Instagram accounts are total proof of that—take one of Kelly’s recent posts as an example.

Last night, Kelly posted a v cheeky pic of her and hubby Mark at the beach. Sounds tame, no? Welp, the pic in question actually shows Kelly bending over, exposing her bum…and Mark looking happily stunned at the sight of his wife’s impressive derriere. “When the end is in sight……😜,” Kelly captioned the photo.

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Pics like the one above are pretty commonplace for Kelly and Mark, in case you didn’t know. Back in 2019, Kelly promoted an episode of Riverdale by using a picture of her hubby’s naked torso, and if that isn’t good marketing, then I truly don’t know what is:

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RIP to their kids who have to put up with their antics, though—also in 2019, Kelly and Mark revealed during their joint appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan that their daughter Lola had the misfortune of walking in on them having sex on Father’s Day…which unfortunately also had to be her birthday.

According to Kelly, Lola closed the door and yelled, “You just ruined my birthday! And my life! And I used to see in color and now everything is gray!” And later at the family brunch, Lola reportedly told Kelly and Mark “you’re disgusting…you guys have no chill! You act like you’re 20, but you’re not.Poor, poor Lola.

Raise your hand if you aspire to have what Kelly and Mark have in the future! 🙋

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