Mark Hamill Just Confirmed ‘The Force Awakens’ Almost Had a Much Different Opening Scene

Star Wars rumors emerge thick and fast on the internet, and now one about The Force Awakens has been confirmed by Luke Skywalker himself.

Mark Hamill, who first played the iconic Jedi knight in 1977’s A New Hope, was on hand when an UberFacts post informed Twitter: “The original script for The Force Awakens opened with Luke Skywalker’s severed hand floating through space, still holding his lightsaber.”

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“Fact Check: TRUE,” the actor wrote in his retweet. “As my hand hurtled through the stratosphere, the flesh & bone burn away & the lightsaber impales the surface of an unnamed planet.

“Just imagine: Had this sequence been retained, I would’ve had bookended cameos, plus TWICE the screen time! #UltraTrivialTrivia.”

Although the final cut’s opening features the mighty Max von Sydow’s retired adventurer Lor San Tekka, we can’t help but pine for that original (yet grisly) concept.

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