Matt Baker’s daughter Molly reflects on heartbreaking call he received

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Matt Baker’s daughter Molly, 12, has spoken on the new series of her family’s hit More4 show, Our Farm In The Dales, about the experience of her grandmother’s medical emergency. It came after Matt’s mum had a life-changing farming accident which left her with a broken leg and knee.

Janice was involved in a freak incident during her daily routine on the family’s farm in the Durham dales last year, when she was knocked to the floor and trampled while herding sheep.

The accident led to Janice having to take a lengthy break from her farming duties, with Matt, wife Nicola and the couple’s children heading to his native County Durham to help dad Mike and secure the future of the family business.

Janice’s accident proved to be the catalyst for the family’s highly successful TV series, Our Farm In The Dales.

While the family were digging on the latest episode of the show when Molly began reflecting on the heartbreaking call her dad had received to say his mum had been injured.

She said: “I remember, we all just finished our breakfast and we were sat around the table.

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“And daddy got a call from grandad.

“Just think, none of this would have happened if your accident hadn’t happened.

“You would have never got the Herdwicks, or the Cheviots or the Welsh Mountains.”

Janice agreed with her granddaughter and added: “Just goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining.”

Our Farm in the Dales is back for a third series as the documentary following the presenter and his family returns to More4 on Wednesdays.

The former The One Show host returned to the BBC magazine show as a guest to open up on the “setbacks” he faced while filming the latest series earlier this month.

Host Ronan Keating began: “The series kicks off with a major setback, the huge storms that we saw last year that must have been so frustrating for you after all the hard work.”

Matt replied: “Well, it actually all started because my mum [Janice] had this nasty accident getting the sheep ready for shearing.

“She ended up breaking her leg, needed a knee replacement and basically we re-versioned the farm so that it would be sustainable going forward so that they could continue the life that they love so much because they never wanted to move away.”

“It’s absolutely idyllic, it’s the place that I grew up and there comes that point in life where you start looking after your parents in the same way that they’ve looked after you,” he continued.

“There were tough decisions that we had to make and we made so many changes to make it sustainable.

“We went off around the country and got different breeds of sheep that will be able to cope, well, 1,000 feet up, and did a lot of work. 

“We finished it all and it was all brilliant and done superbly well and then these storms hit last year.

“It was epic storms and when you’re up on a hill like that, we got smashed by the storms.”

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