Meghan Markle ‘fooling no one’ as pal urges her to ‘be honest’ on Harry ‘split’

Harry and Meghan announce Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund

Meghan Markle “isn’t fooling anyone” after breaking her silence amid swirling separation rumours with Prince Harry, claims an ex-pal.

The former working royals are embroiled in “split” claims as critics say the two are “living separate lives” in recent weeks and months.

But the couple broke their cover on Wednesday, starring in a new video uploaded to the Duke and Duchess’s Archewell Foundation website.

In the clip, Harry and Meghan ring award winners from the Youth Power Fund advisory committee to personally congratulate them.

But since seeing the footage, former friend Lizzie Cundy has weighed in on their relationship, suggesting Meghan has been “unusually quiet”.

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She told The Mirror: “What a surprise, Meghan and Harry having a photoshoot together and patting themselves on the back for giving one of their Archewell awards to the youth.

“Of course, they are, let’s be honest – they’re not fooling anybody.”

TalkTV presenter Cundy, who met Meghan at a charity gala back in 2013, added: “They’ve reportedly been living very separate lives, Meghan has been unusually quiet for a very, very long time.

“She let her husband go to his own father’s Coronation on his own knowing that there was so much upset between him and his brother.

“They haven’t been seen together for months and now rumors are circulating and people are backtracking from their lives, they’re suddenly pictured looking happier than ever and doing good and giving awards to the youth.”

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Lizzie continued: “I’m sorry it doesn’t fool anyone, particularly not me.

“I wish and hope they could be honest and normal and try and mend the bridges with the Royal Family as well as her own and just start being a normal couple.

“If they didn’t want publicity, why are they courting it?

“I believe this is a publicity stunt – I love that they’re doing stuff to help the youth but that’s what they should stick to doing. Maybe they could have made that call without the camera crew.”

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