Nach Baliye 9, 6 October 2019 Highlights: Vishal-Madhurima and Shantanu-Nityami are in the bottom two | Bollywood Life

The episode begins with the preview of today’s show. The fifty-fifty episode begins with the performance of Ridhima Jain’s partner Sourabh. Sourabh Raj Jain puts forth a heart touching performance and dedicates it to his mother. Soon after his performance he goes towards his mother and touches her feet. Sourabh gets 44.5 percent and hence Ridhima has to step down from the Hi5 lounge. The next to enter the stage is Anita Hassanandani. Anita dedicates her performance to judge Raveena Tandon and celebrates Raveena’s 28 years in the industry. Anita receives 47 percent and the total scores RoNita gets are 94 percent.

Aly Goni performs next. He gives a heart touching patriotic performance. At the end of the performance, Ahmed Khan gave a salute to the act. Raveena Tandon hugs Aly Goni for his performance. Aly earns 49.5 and the total scores AlyNa gets are 96.5 percent. Prince Narula performs next. Before the act, the judges remind the contestants of scoring more marks than ViRima. They warn everyone that the one who gets less than ViRima will be eliminated. Prince performs on the song Kurbaan Hua. Prince Narula gets a Hi5 however he won’t get the privilege to sit on the Hi5 lounge as Yuvika has not received perfect scores. The total scores of PriVika are 95.5. The next to perform is Shraddha Arya who dances on Kamli. Raveena Tandon calls Shraddha her girl crush and gives her a drop dead. Shraddha earns a Hi5 from the judges and the total scores of ShaLam are 90 percent. Tony Kakar and Urvashi Rautela come on Nach Baliye. Tony Kakar sings while Urvashi Rautela gives a sizzling performance. Prince fans come to meet him and he introduces his fans to the Nach Baliye family. Everyone is shocked to see the fans’ love for Prince. Prince and Yuvika perform with their fans as well. Nityami tries her hand on classical dance form. She earns 42 percent and the total score of NiShaan is 89.5.

Urvashi Rautela dedicates her performance to Ahmed Khan. She performs on Saara Jamana Haseeno Ka Deewana and Ahmed Khan joins her. The next to perform is Anuj Sachdeva and after his performance, Urvashi Dholakia hugs him. The judges give him a Hi5 and total score of UrUj are 99 percent. Tony Kakar and Urvashi Rautela take a leave from the show. Finally its time for Vishal Aditya Singh to perform. The recap of the last performance of ViRima is shown. After the performance, surprisingly Madhurima hugs Vishal. Vishal gets a standing ovation from the judges. Vishal gets a Hi5 from the judges and the total score of ViRima is 97 percent. The bottom two jodis are Vishal Aditya Singh-Madhurima Tuli and Shantanu Maheshwari- Nityami Shirke. The judges announce that there won’t be any elimination this week. They also announce that the next week there will be double elimination.

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