Nadia Sawalha’s shopping guilt as star reaches out for charity

NTAs: Nadia Sawalha promotes Loose Women

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Loose Women panelist Nadia Sawalha, 58, said she’s greatly appreciative of the life she has, but the guilt of her privilege “weighs heavily on me”, especially when it comes to the grocery store. The mum-of-two has joined Action For Children’s Secret Santa campaign which allows people to make Christmas donations from as little as £5. 

Speaking exclusively to, Nadia shared the toll her work takes on her as she has to constantly be on the forefront of current affairs. 

She said: “My homework is to listen to radio stations day in and day out and I hear heartbreaking stories and it weighs heavily on me. 

“I know that I’m blessed, I have a lovely husband and children and food in the fridge whenever I want and I’m appreciative but I do carry guilt about that.”

The Loose Women star finds the burden especially heavy when she goes shopping and “just throws something into my trolley”. 

She recalled one particular moment in a supermarket which struck her. 

A young woman was “panicking” by the cashier, as the cauliflower she had just picked up was £2 instead of £1. 

Nadia claimed the store clerk was not particularly kind to the woman, briskly telling her that it was “the old one” that was being sold for £1. 

The woman, filled with apologies and nerves, quickly dashed to exchange the cauliflower and came back to finish paying for her groceries. 

Nadia said: “When I got into the car where my husband was waiting and I was so upset because I had a basket full of stuff that I had just thrown in and I hadn’t thought about it. 

“There was this woman embarrassed and really nervous about this cauliflower. 

“I just thought ‘Bloody hell, how much is that going on for people in every single street’.”

Nadia admitted that her being a part of the Secret Santa campaign did not magically resolve her guilt or the cost of living crisis people are facing, but it is “meaningful” work she is undoubtedly proud of. 

Nadia noted that she is “fully aware” that the crisis has also impacted people’s ability to donate this festive season, but explained that is exactly why the Action For Children campaign works so well. 

She explained the premise: “The British public are incredibly generous so we’re asking them, just whatever they can afford, to become a Secret Santa. 

“What I love about this campaign is you can donate and choose exactly where your money goes. 

“For instance, £10 will give a child a healthy breakfast for a week, £15 would get a child a trip to the pantomime.

“I think this is a really lovely way to do it because the person who’s donating can have that connection.”

Nadia also gushed over the British public and their unconditional charitability. 

She said: “It’s always extraordinary. There’s the other line like ‘Uh the British prefer their pets to people’ and they’re miserable. 

“But my god when people are in need they step forward.”

To become a Secret Santa for Action of Children visit

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