Naya Rivera’s Ex Supports 7-Year-Old Son to Set Up YouTube Channel

Little Josey, 7, is apparently following the footsteps of his famous mother Naya and father Ryan Dorsey in showbiz by preparing to launch his own YouTube channel.

AceShowbizRyan Dorsey talks about raising his son. The “Big Sky” actor is determined to keep a “safe and happy” home life for seven-year-old Josey and he’s learned to comfort the little boy with affection because he doesn’t “really have any answers” when it comes to the youngster’s mother Naya Rivera, who died in July 2020 after an accident while out boating with her son.

“It’s always kind of sad around the holidays and this year was no exception. Some days are harder than the others and some days… I’m optimistic and some days I’m sad,” Ryan said to Entertainment Tonight.

“I guess that’s for everybody in life, but it’s hard for me when Josey will say certain things and if he misses his mom or whatever it is or he’ll bring up certain moments that obviously he’ll never forget from the worst day of his life.”

“And there’s not much for me to say except I just say, ‘I know buddy and I love you,’ and I just give him a hug. Just some human dad to son contact and rub his head and squeeze him because it’s all I can do because I don’t really have any answers.”

“I’m not one of those, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ type of people. When I was younger I was, but then you get older and you see what’s going on in the world, it’s hard for me to get behind… that kind of mantra.”

“I’m doing the best I can. He’s, overall, a happy kid and I’m trying to keep it together and provide a safe and happy life for him. He’s doing really well in school and he has a lot of friends. He’s such a social kid. Everybody loves Josey and he’s funny.”

Ryan thinks Josey could grow up to follow in his parents’ footsteps because he’s a natural entertainer and recently took part in a talent show, where he and his friends “did a little stand-up act.” He said, “They were telling jokes and he was such a ham. I don’t know if he’s going to end up doing what we do for a living or what, but he definitely has a natural ability or a knack to be on stage it seems.”

And the 39-year-old star plans to support the youngster in setting up his own YouTube channel. He said, “He’s been practicing and he’s got all these videos. You’ll hear him say, ‘Smash that like button, subscribe and comment below!’ “

“He’s almost eight, so it’s about that time if he really wants to do it. He is reading, he is writing; he’s doing all these things, so he’ll be editing on his own soon enough. I’m just trying to help him.”

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