Nick Cannon’s Son Has Shown Impressive Reading Skills at 8 Months Old

According to baby mama Brittany Bell, eight-month-old baby Rise whom she shares with the ‘Masked Singer’ presenter has already started ‘reading sight words.’

AceShowbizBrittany Bell says her eight-month-old son has “started reading sight words.” The 35-year-old model shares baby Rise with TV star Nick Cannon, and has revealed their baby boy is already making impressive progress with his reading skills.

“Rise, can you put your arms up? Let me see, arms up!” Brittany tells her son in a video posted on Instagram. Rise then raises his arms up before his mom tells him to put them down again.

Brittany – who also has daughter Powerful Queen, two, and son Golden Sagon, six, with Nick – then says, “What about clap, can you clap?” Rise responds by hitting the ground, before he starts to clap his hands together.

Brittany captioned the clip, “On his way!! He started reading sight words already too!!!! Can’t wait to show you all (heart and stars emojis).”

Sight words are common words that children instantly recognise without sounding them out and can help kids to become faster and more fluent readers.

Brittany previously revealed that she feels proud to be a mom. The model, currently studying for a PhD, told Voyage LA, “I’m most proud of the woman I have become through motherhood and continue to see myself becoming. It has led me to such a wonderful passion in psychology as I really love learning what is most healthy for my children.”

“Nothing will be perfect in this world so teaching my children how to thrive cognitively, emotionally, and mindfully despite anything that they are surrounded by… well, that’s a pride I have. I believe my spirit and resilience is definitely something that has contributed to what sets me apart personally.”

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