Omid Scobie was asked, in all seriousness, if he would apologize to the Windsors

Omid Scobie began his in-person UK promotional blitz for Endgame on Thursday by the looks of it. His appearance on This Morning (on Thursday) was fascinating because he made news by confirming that the names of the “royal racists” had been widely known among the royal press corps. That interview was messy because of the interviewers, who kept interrupting him and insisting that he must have been personally briefed by Meghan. The level of delusional obsession on that island is something. Speaking of, on Thursday evening, he did a BBC interview (in-studio) and Victoria Derbyshire asked him, in all earnestness, if he would apologize to the royal family. LMAO. These people will simply never recover.

After a Dutch translation of his book Endgame named Kate Middleton and King Charles as the alleged “royal racists” who questioned Prince Harry about his children’s likely skin color, Omid Scobie Thursday night ducked responsibility for making the claim in a BBC interview, instead blaming “irresponsible people” in the U.K. for repeating the names.

Although he did not mention Piers Morgan by name, it was Morgan who last night said the royals’ names on his Talk TV show in the U.K., leading to a firestorm of follow-up media coverage. He said he was “frustrated” that the names had appeared in the Dutch version, saying: “The book was heavily vetted—legaled, i’s dotted, t’s crossed—and a book that I was extremely proud of [has now been] completely overshadowed…we have a full investigation going on into the series of events that happened.”

Newsnight presenter Victoria Derbyshire had previously pointed out that one of the translators earlier Thursday told the Daily Mail: “As a translator, I translate what is in front of me. The names of the royals were there in black and white. I did not add them. I just did what I was paid to do and that was translate the book from English into Dutch.”

Scobie added, “The English version of the book, the only one I know, the version that I signed off on; that is the book that is out there today. That is the book that has no names in it.”

He appeared to suggest he had not included the names because he would not be able to produce evidence for the claim, saying: “Ultimately, to write the names is a show and tell situation. There is no ability to show, so there was never any attempt to name.”

Derbyshire said: “But in some version you must have written the names in,” and asked Scobie if it was all a “publicity stunt.” He said it was not, adding, “I feel hurt by some of the things I have seen, suggesting all sorts—the conspiracy that this is a publicity stunt, that I am in cahoots with ‘my pals.’”

Asked if he wanted to apologize to the royals he said, “It’s not for me to apologize because I still want to know what’s happened.”

Derbyshire said: “The buck stops with you, surely?” Scobie replied, in what seemed to be a shot at one of his most famous detractors, Piers Morgan, who was the first British broadcaster to name Charles and Kate on air: “It doesn’t stop with me because there are irresponsible people in this country that have broken the law and repeated names that should never have been repeated. The book I wrote, the book I edited, the book I signed off on, did not have the names in it.”

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She wanted him to apologize to the Windsors for… what exactly? A translation mix-up? The poor, racist, colonialist, bigoted Windsors, what they’ve been put through! The poor sausages cannot complain or explain, remember? Anyway, Omid has been handling his business very well in this interviews, to the point where he looks like the only calm, reasonable one in what can only be described as a “clownstorm,” a clownshow sh-tstorm. In this interview, he also confirms that he’s received twenty death threats just this week. All because he wrote a historically accurate book about the Windsors, their racism and bigotry and how they can’t problem-solve their way out of a wet paper bag.

Omid Scobie describes the fallout of a royal family race row sparked by his latest book Endgame.

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