Peter Andre says ‘Emily and I are best friends’ as they forget anniversary

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Peter Andre has revealed that he and wife Emily 'forgot' that it was their eighth wedding anniversary last week, sharing that the close duo laughed off their blunder.

The Mysterious Girl singer, who tied the knot with his doctor wife in 2015, explained that the couple are 'best friends' while giving us the lowdown on his life in his exclusive weekly column.

As eldest son Junior prepares to record his next music single, the doting dad gives an update on how the teenager is following in his footsteps, tiptoes around the idea of more children, and shares his own recent music endeavours.

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Writing in his column, Peter admits that he and Emily are just as bad as each other when it comes to remembering milestones.

He says: "Emily and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary on July 11. We made each other laugh because it was around lunchtime before either of us realised the date.

"We looked at each other and said, “Oh my God, it’s our anniversary. ” We just laughed about it instead of worrying about not being prepped for the occasion. We still had a great evening with the kids and celebrated it together."

He adds: "As a friend said about us the other day, we’re best friends who just happen to love each other very much. Emily is a wonderful and kind person."

Pete and Emily, who share children Theo and Amelia together, can also have a laugh with one another too – with the star occasionally sharing that side of the relationship via social media. The former reality star had his 1.8M Instagram followers in stitches last week as he shared a picture zoomed in on Emily's knee – explaining that the body part resembled a face.

Sharing the discussion behind the post, Pete says: "You might have noticed a recent post of mine on Instagram – about Emily’s knees! In the picture she’s looking beautiful and smiling, but I’ve zoomed into her knees as one looks like a baby’s face.

"She said, after pointing it out, that she was really surprised no one had ever noticed the baby on her knee before. I can’t unsee it. I did ask her before posting the picture and I got the go ahead. I’m glad I did because it’s so funny and cute – we’re constantly laughing together."

Peter and Emily managed to keep things light-hearted. But when it comes to children are they finished or is the dad keen to expand his brood?

"There have been headlines about me not closing off the idea of becoming a dad again. But to be honest, Emily and I change our minds every five minutes, so who knows? I said I wouldn’t have more kids after I hit 50, but then Covid happened."

The duo have got their hands full with their brood at the moment, with eldest Junior keeping busy as he hopes to crack the music industry. "It’s been a very exciting time in our house recently, between Millie and Theo’s school plays and Junior prepping for his next music single," he explains.

Adding: "It’s really coming on and should be out in August. He’s working hard, but he’s also still a teenager, so I want him to enjoy this moment in time."

It's no mystery where the teenager gets his musical talents from, as Pete is still going strong with his own music career – which dates back to 1978. Taking to the stage once again recently for a good cause, he concludes: "Last week I performed at the M&S Arena to celebrate the NHS. It is 75 years since it began and I, like many, am a huge fan of the NHS and the work it does.

"Although my wife is an NHS doctor, and of course I support her, it’s also due to personal experience – when I had meningitis and the way they looked after my parents when they lived in the UK."

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