Pregnant Jess Shears reveals breastfeeding plans while husband Dom Lever admits its ‘hard to stay enthusiastic’ as pair prepare to welcome first baby – EXCLUSIVE

Love Island stars Jess Shears and Dom Lever have opened up on their relationship as they prepare to welcome their baby.

Jess, 25, has opened up on her plans to breastfeed when she becomes a first-time mother.

Speaking to OK! online, Jess said: “I hope so. I think everyone hopes it’s an option at least, but if not I’ll probably express.”

Brunette beauty Jess also admitted that she has found it tough cutting out alcohol and caffeine now that she's expecting.

She said: “I’m not going to lie I really miss the thought of sitting in a beer garden with a cider or a glass of cold wine.

"But also I’ve been cutting down on coffee, because of the caffeine, which I didn’t realise before I was pregnant that you have to cut down.”

Dom, 27, revealed that he has been running around after his wife, whom he married in a stunning ceremony in Greece last year.

He said: “Jess uses pregnancy as an excuse for anything. It’s so hard to stay enthusiastic.”

The pair also opened up on the backlash they’ve faced since they left the villa in 2017, after falling for each other.

Dom said: “I’m quite tough skinned, but it is difficult because someone will slag you off for something so trivial and you soon realise your life isn’t really your life.”

Jess added: “The hardest thing will not only be the media coverage, but just the constant opinions about you.

“I think having each other has been the saving grace. We’ll often talk each other down when someone has commented.”

Speaking to new! magazine about naming the baby, Jess said: "I don’t want to say any names, because there’s nothing worse than when somebody takes your baby name so you can’t use it.

"We’ve got loads of names that are possibilities for a girl, but for a boy we’ve got one option each and we don’t like each other’s choice. The girls’ names are different, but slightly old-fashioned."

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