Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet had the cutest reaction to her dad’s dancing

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle opened the doors to their Montecito mansion for a revealing interview, they gave fans more than a glimpse into their lives with their children, Archie and Lilibet. 

The Duchess opened up to journalist Allison P. Davis for The Cut for The New York Times and shared an adorable insight into their parenting. 

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Meghan took Allison with her on the school run to collect Archie from his preschool and when they returned home, all eyes were on Lilibet

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In a bid to make their sweet little girl laugh, Harry took the lead as the article revealed. “We pull up to the house, and Archie leaps out. Harry is ending a phone call as Archie throws himself around his legs. 

“Lilibet, unsmiling with watchful bright-blue eyes, is brought out by her nanny. She is small and also ginger, and when there is a small person in the room not smiling, it is a reflex to do anything to entertain them. 

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“Harry starts dancing to his own beatboxing, and Meghan bends down and joins in and then I find myself doing it too, until she gives a lopsided smile and we all realize it’s a bit strange to be bonding in this way.”

Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet was described as ‘small and also ginger’

The moment described wasn’t the only adorable sneak peek at their bond with their children.

Allison also wrote about the pure joy in Archie’s eyes when he was greeted by his mom at the school gates.

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“He’s so excited to see her,” she wrote. “Repeating ‘Momma, Momma, Momma’ in his little voice, as he runs toward her that he leaves his lunchbox behind on the ground. She scoops him up in a big hug so full of genuine emotion that both close their eyes.” 

Harry and Meghan’s son is now three years old 

Their interaction was documented further as it was revealed that Archie and Meghan have a heartwarming ritual on their way back home. 

During the car ride, Allison wrote: “If he [Archie] forgets to say please or thank you, Meghan reminds him of the manners that make the man.”

She then added: “At a stoplight, she [Meghan] reaches into the trunk and produces a brand-new black backpack and hands it to her security detail to give to an unhoused man on the corner. 

“They are teaching Archie that some people live in big houses, some in small, and that some are in between homes. They made kits to pass out with water and peanut-butter crackers and granola bars. ‘I ate one!’ Archie contributes.”

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