Prince Harry ‘said really nasty things about Camilla’, her biographer claims

Royal biographer Angela Levin, who has recently published a book onQueen Consort Camilla, has hit back at those she accuses of being cruel to the royal, including step-sonPrince Harry.

The journalist and biographer appeared on this morning’sLorrainewith stand-in hostChristine Lampardto talk candidly about Camilla, following the release of her new biography Camilla, From Outcast to Future Queen Consort.

Speaking on the show, Angela revealed that having spent some time with Camilla she believes that the Queen Consort has been cruelly misrepresented over the years.

She said: “One was The Crownwhich was really cruel to herand the other was Prince Harry who had said some really nasty things about her too.”

While she doesn’t reveal what Prince Harry said, she does go into a bit more detail about the portrayal of Camilla in the Netflix seriesThe Crown.

The series has Camilla refer to herself as “just a mistress” to the Prince of Wales, like her great grandmother, Alice Keppel was mistress to King Edward VII,King Charles’s great-great grandfather.

The show takes a closer look at Charles and Camilla’s affair, and the torment felt by the lateDiana, Princess of Wales.

Speaking about this to Angela, stand-in host Christine said: “It obviously hasn't always been plain sailing, a lot of people disliked, mainly Camilla because they loved Diana so much. It was always going to be a difficult time.”

Angela agreed, saying: “Yes, they met when Charles was 22 and she was 24 and he wasn't sure if he wanted to commit himself, and he also knew that he would get into trouble with his parents.

“He knew that the first in line to the throne would need to marry within the aristocracy and someone who was a virgin.

“Camilla was aristocracy but not to the highest level – and she had been in relationships previously.

“They got on extremely well.”

Angela also spoke about Camilla’s charity work, which perhaps hasn’t been acknowledged by her critics.

The writer adds that Camilla’s approach to her work is “ideal for Charles”,as she tends to avoid being in the spotlight, reducing the chance of him feeling jealous.

Speaking about Camilla’s charitable streak, Angel said: “Camilla doesn't like to be in the spotlight, she's right in the middle which is ideal for Charles because he won't get jealous like with his first wife.”

She added that the Queen Consort does a tremendous amount of work behind the curtain, doesn’t require praise from the public.

“What she has done is things that the Royal family don't necessarily do to deal with rape and domestic violence.

“Also literacy she feels is really important and she goes around the country helping families who've had a lot of difficulty in their life – to encourage them to get their children to read,” says Angela.


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