Prince William & Kate got booed at the Celtics game, chants of ‘USA!’ rang out

Surprisingly, Prince William and Kate ended up doing THREE events on Wednesday. You could tell that they were delineating between their three events because Kate did three full costume changes. First off, the McQueen suit, then a Burberry dress (which she mostly covered with a coat) and then the Waleses were off to see a Celtics game, but not before Kate changed into a repeat look: a vintage Chanel jacket, which we saw back in October (when she copykeened Meghan). I’ve already seen people claiming that Kate is theme-dressing because she’s wearing a lot of blue, and the American flag is red, white and blue? Yeah… this isn’t flag-dressing or theme-dressing yet. She always wears a lot of blue, she thinks it’s her signature color.

Anyway, we don’t have many photos of William and Kate from the Celtics game, but from what I’ve seen, they looked bored. They’re not basketball fans, they should stop trying to pretend they are. Hilariously, when they were put on the jumbotron, Boston’s finest booed the crap out of them and chants of “USA! USA!” rang out. Even the royal reporters covering the game had to admit that the Keens’ reception at the game wasn’t great.

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