Princess Kate’s private secretary quit months ago, she still hasn’t hired a new one

One of the hallmarks of Prince William and Kate’s tours and trips is how amateurish and unprofessional everything is. William and Kate are idiots, of course, but they are also surrounded by incompetent fools. Personally, I’ve believed for some time that William is being groomed by Tory political operatives to be their “useful idiot” in the monarchy, but beyond that, the incompetence of Kensington Palace is always staggering to me.

Look no further than the bad staff work at every level of William and Kate’s Caribbean Flop Tour earlier this year, and how everyone involved with the plans thought it was going to be brilliant. Look no further than the Boston trip, which was explicitly about William wanting attention, full stop. At no point did William even give a short interview to a friendly American media outlet. All we’re left with is carefully staged photos on their Instagram, and “exclusive photos” given to People Magazine. I’m left with the impression that for William and Kate, all that mattered was the optics. That’s it. Not the work, not Earthshot, not environmentalism, not Early Years. Just photos of them.

Speaking of staffing, Kate’s private secretary quit that bitch right after QEII died.

She was her right-hand woman through one of the most turbulent periods of recent royal history. But just as the Princess of Wales has taken on a new, more senior role within the Royal family, she has lost her loyal private secretary, Hannah Cockburn-Logie. A fixture at her side for two-and-a-half years, Ms Cockburn-Logie stepped down shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, for personal reasons.

A Kensington Palace source said she would be hugely missed.

“Hannah is a fantastic, dynamic leader. Loyal and a skilled diplomat,” they said.

Ms Cockburn-Logie was hired by the then Duchess of Cambridge in May 2020, having impressed when, as a diplomat working for the British High Commission in India, she led the Duke and Duchess’s tour of India and Bhutan in 2016. She guided the then Duchess throughout the fallout from the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and through lockdown. She was also at her side during the Caribbean tour earlier this year, which was marred by criticism of “colonial overtones”. Ms Cockburn-Logie has more than 20 years’ experience working for the Foreign Office.

The palace is advertising for a new private secretary to take on the role of private secretary as the Princess seeks to define her new, elevated position within the institution. In the interim, Natalie Barrows, her assistant private secretary, has stepped up, and travelled with the royals to Boston last week.

[From The Telegraph]

So… Kate loses staff at a steady clip, as does William, but it’s never spoken about in the same way as the Sussexes’ staff turnovers. There are many reasons for the difference, first and foremost that no one will ever believe that William and Kate’s staff are burned out from doing too much. Working for the Lazy Waleses is one of the cushiest jobs in the UK, but on the other side, they clearly don’t attract the best talent. Anyway, this has got me wondering if that’s one of the reasons why the Boston trip was so poorly planned and poorly executed, especially for Kate: she’s understaffed at the moment.

The photo of the dog leaning away from Kate!! LMAO.

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