Renu Desai heart get broken again?

Last year, Renu Desai, the ex-wife of Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, got engaged to someone in June last year. But till date, she did not reveal his identity. Only she revealed that he does not belong to film industry. Now according to the latest buzz in the film industry, once again Renu Desai’ heart has been broken. Reports are coming that actually her marriage was called off some time ago.

It is being heard that Renu Desai’ marriage is not happening. Renu Desai has also given hint on her Instagram. A recent post of Renu Desai is now making rounds on the internet. She wrote a poem about love, on her Instagram, “Is it possible to learn to love again…? To grin like an adolescent flush with first love? To start measuring time not in just days but minutes and seconds? To look at self in a mirror and see a pretty face long lost to time? To lose sleep and stare at the night sky and search for your face among the stars? To crave, like a lost traveller yearning for an oasis, for a glimpse of your love filled eyes? To feel, like the sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees, so gentle and desirable? Is it possible, to feel your heart beat faster, for just a passing thought of yours? Yes, it is… and it is because I love you not knowing how, where or from when… I love you, because these feelings know, no other way…”
She stated a few words like, ” Is it possible to learn to love again…? Her Instagram post is creating doubts that her engagement got broken.

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