Royal Family ladies forbidden to remove their coats once they’ve put them on – here’s why

With the Platinum Jubilee celebrations upon us, there has been an interest in what the Royal Family might wear over the course of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Fashion expert and stylist to the stars, Miranda Holder, gave OK! an insight into the outfit choices of the famous family, while also sharing a rather surprising etiquette rule that women in the Royal Family have to abide by.

And it's all to do with coats! Yes, the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as other female members of the Firm, are often seen in the most spectacular coats, but once it's on, they won't be taking it off!

According to Miranda, the royal women must keep their coats firmly on in public and they are forbidden from taking them off.

She explained: "There are many, many rules. For example, we often see Kate and the Queen in particular in beautiful outfits with matching dress coats that'll be colour coordinated. But what you may not have noticed is once the coat is on, it is never actually taken off.

"This is because it's considered unseemly for a lady in the royal household to be seen taking a coat off and fidgeting and resting their coat in public. So once it's on it has to stay on the whole time.

"This of course is even more pressure on the stylists as they have to make sure the coat is absolutely right and not too heavy."

Miranda's chat with OK! also saw her looking ahead to the upcoming celebrations and what Meghan Markle might wear.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are returning to the UK with their children Archie and Lilibet in tow, and Miranda believes Meghan could choose to wear white this weekend.

Always fashionable, Meghan has quickly become known as fashion's preppiest new "it" girl, with her go-to outfits often being button-down shirts, blazers and smart trousers.

Miranda shares that Meghan wearing white will help her to "position her as more innocent and pure to the force opposition she encountered when she and Prince Harry left ’the firm’."

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Miranda shared: "Meghan’s style has evolved since marrying Harry, transforming from California girl to something more chic and sophisticated. She takes a more minimalist approach to fashion, letting her beauty and presence do the talking."

Meghan is known to have obeyed the Royal dress code the least since marrying Harry, but Miranda believes she'll "be keen to adhere to etiquette," while celebrating the Queen at the Jubilee.

She explained: "Meghan bears a bit of skin on occasion rather than wearing panty hose, or boldly opts for coloured nail varnish rather than the accepted natural and nude tones.

"I can imagine she is in trepidation about her visit, as things have been strained over recent months, so I anticipate she will continue the same strategy that has been working for her and wear a shade of white, ivory or cream."

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