Rudy Giuliani’s ‘rude’ estranged wife finally moves out of co-op

Rudy Giuliani has scored a key victory in his fractious divorce from Judith Nathan — she has agreed to move out of his Upper East Side apartment after digging her heels into the place.

Nathan, married to Giuliani for 15 years, had refused to leave the East 66th Street abode after they filed for divorce last April and demanded he give her the property.

But she peacefully moved out this week after they agreed he gets to live there, while Nathan will occupy their Hamptons homes until they reach a divorce deal.

They’re also fighting over millions of dollars and a Florida house.

The Manhattan move is cause for celebration in the building, because feisty Nathan had offended staff with her curt manner — prompting more than one complaint by the workers to their union, according to multiple insiders.

Things became so bad that the co-op board even discussed if they could force her out.

An insider said, “Judy has been so rude to the staff. There has been more than one complaint about the way she behaved toward and spoke to workers in the building.”

One staffer allegedly complained to the union that Nathan had shoved him out of her way.

“The board had discussed the problem, but it is difficult to evict someone from a co-op. Everyone in the building is praying that Rudy gets the apartment in the divorce,” the source added. They are back in court May 30.

Hizzoner himself declined to discuss Judith’s behavior at home, but did say, “Our lawyers came to an agreement about our properties for the interim, pending the outcome of the divorce litigation. I’ll be living in Manhattan, and she’ll be occupying the two houses we have in Southampton. It makes more sense, because I spend more time in the city and she is in the Hamptons.”

Having previously said Judith was a “conniving woman” trying to “extort” him for millions with a “vindictive . . . campaign of hate,” President Trump’s lawyer added the divorce discussions were currently more peaceful, “thank God.”

Nathan didn’t get back to us and her attorney Bernard Clair declined to comment.

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