Russell Brand wife: Laura Gallacher’s life from famous sister to children

Russell Brand has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, opting for a simpler and quieter life with his wife of six years, Laura Brand, formerly Gallacher.

The couple's love story is an intriguing one. They first crossed paths in 2007 when introduced by Laura's famous sister, Kirsty Gallacher. A brief romance ensued, but Russell, at the time, wasn't quite ready for a serious commitment.

Their paths diverged, and Russell went on to have a high-profile marriage with pop star Katy Perry. However, fate had other plans.

In 2015, a chance encounter brought Russell and Laura back together. Laura had just experienced heartbreak as her ex had recently moved out of their flat.

Tearfully walking along a canal in east London with a friend, she stumbled upon Russell, as if by fate. Their connection rekindled, and this time, both were in different stages of their lives, ready to make their love story work.

Russell and Laura's wedding took place in August 2017, in an intimate church ceremony near their home in Henley-on-Thames, Oxon. The nuptials were attended by close friends and family, and their daughter, Mabel, who was just nine months old at the time.

In addition to Mabel, Russell and Laura welcomed another bundle of joy into their lives in November 2016 when their second daughter, Peggy, was born. Fast forward to June 2023, and Russell shared exciting news during an appearance on The Diary of a CEO: the family was growing by one more, as they were expecting their third child.

Laura herself comes from a notable family background. Her father, Bernard Gallacher, is a renowned Scottish golfer who captained multiple European teams in the Ryder Cup.

Laura grew up in Surrey, England, on the exclusive Wentworth Estate, and her neighbour was none other than the late entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth. Laura's older sister, Kirsty Gallacher, is also a prominent model and television presenter in the UK.

Laura's own career has also taken her in a number of different directions. After their initial romance, Laura worked in London, managing restaurants and nightclubs. However, she made a career switch and ventured into lifestyle blogging.

She now works as an author and illustrator, with several bestselling books to her name. In March 2022, Russell shared an Instagram tribute celebrating her latest book Slow Down and Be Here Now.

He wrote in the caption: “You might not know that my wife @thejoyjournal writes children books thats because I only talk about myself !!!!

“But this book she wrote teaching children to be present in the moments and appreciate nature, is fantastic. And god knows if you are a parent you need it!!!”

Russell and Laura also now run a charity together, The Stay Free Foundation, which extends a helping hand to those grappling with addiction and mental health issues.

Living in the countryside, Russell and Laura have embraced a tranquil lifestyle. They have bees, chickens, and a delightful assortment of pets, symbolising their retreat from Russell's earlier rockstar image to a more grounded and down-to-earth existence.

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