Saqib Saleem opens up on sister Huma Qureshi’s name being dragged into Anurag Kashyap’s #MeToo controversy; ‘our journalism has gone to the dogs’ [Exclusive]

We recently caught up with Saqib Saleem for an exclusive interview to discuss his new web series, Crackdown, and during the course of conversation, things inevitably steered toward his sister Huma Qureshi’s name being dragged into Anurag Kashyap’s #MeToo allegations by Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi actress Payal Ghosh. Unquestionably perturbed by his sister’s name being needlessly misused, the actor said, “My sister is a really, really strong woman, and I think whatever statement has been put out by her is self explanatory. I don’t think we need to get into anything else beside that. As a brother, does it irritate me about her name being unnecessarily dragged into whatever this is (the sexual harassment allegation and case against Anurag Kashyap by Payal Ghosh), yes, a 100%, but I’m sorry these are the weird times we live in.”

“I think, we as a society need to sit down and think where we are headed rather than…(pauses) Well, I don’t want to get into these social-media battles or these twitter trials that are happening. I’m very happy with my family, my sister, with my friends, and I want to keep it like that. We are actors, you should know us by our work. We are not politicians or leaders that we have to give an opinion on any and everything. There are a lot of good things said about us, but there’ll be some things that we don’t enjoy, which are being written about us. But that is the responsibility of journalists and media (in general), how that is portrayed,” added Saqib Saleem.

“I think what needs to looked into is the journalism of this country, and I’m not talking about you (gestures towards our anchor), but I’m saying in general. I think our journalism has gone to the dogs. We are not running news, we are running a narrative, we are running propaganda stories, I don’t what has happened to the society,” concluded the Rangbaaz actor.

Well, Saqib has hit the nail on the head, we believe.

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