Shanna Moakler Praises Daughter Alabama Barker’s ‘Amazing’ Rap Career Despite Backlash

A few months after her daughter addressed the criticisms, the former Miss USA comes to the 17-year-old teen’s defense by explaining the reason why her rap career is ‘amazing.’

AceShowbizShanna Moakler has praised her daughter’s rap career. Despite the backlash that Alabama Barker faced over a video documenting her rapping, the former Miss USA proudly said that it is “amazing.”

In an interview published on Thursday, August 10, the 48-year-old model showered her 17-year-old daughter, whom she shares with her former husband and Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, with praise. Speaking to Page Six, she proudly gushed, “I think her rap career is amazing.”

“My kids were raised on a tour bus from the time they were born,” Shanna went on to say. “Every creed, every race is going to love hip-hop and rap that’s not gonna change. So for me it is a very natural progression for [Alabama], because she’s been in the studio with her father with the greatest musicians in the world.”

The Playboy model further explained, “I think her father both understands the nature of the industry [and] that genre of music. I think there’s a real love for it, and I think there’s a deep respect for it as well. I know that they would never do anything without that respect.”

“They literally traveled the world numerous times over with some of the biggest musicians, rap artists and hip-hop artists in the world, and [for Alabama’s] generation right now the highest genre of music is hip-hop and rap,” she continued. Having nothing but sweet words for her daughter, Shanna additionally exclaimed, “I know what people may say about Alabama, but she has a confidence level that a lot of kids her age don’t have.”

In May, Alabama uploaded a video of herself rapping via TikTok. In the clip, she spits, “But listen who the f**k y’all talking to/ I’m Alabama, get to know me, I might sp-z on you.” She continues, “Treat me like your mama, drip me out in some designer/ Ice me out like boy, I’m wildin’/ You know the type of energy, don’t treat me like it’s 10 to me/ You better not be textin’, treat your exes like your enemies.”

Instead of compliments, Alabama received many unpleasant online responses. She later addressed the criticisms in a since-deleted follow-up video. “I’m tired of people saying I don’t know anything about rap music,” she could be heard saying in the footage.

“I went to Rihanna’s music video when she shot the ‘Umbrella’ song, I believe – or one of her songs. So, another song I loved,” she added. In the clip, she displayed photos capturing her meeting a number of famous hip-hop stars including Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and A$AP Ferg.

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