Shaughna Phillips slams mum-shamers after driving with baby daughter in front seat

Shaughna Phillips has clapped back at critics who slammed her for driving with her baby daughter in the front seat.

The 29 year old reality star, who found fame on the winter 2020 edition of Love Island, has been dealing with online trolls since welcoming her daughter, Lucia Phillips-Webb, in April.

Sharing much of her life and journey into motherhood on social media has also led to Shaughna falling victim to online mum-shamers, and earlier this year she was criticised after she shared a snap of Lucia in the passenger seat of her car.

Reflecting on this, Shaughna told Heat Magazine: "There was one comment about having Lucia in the car seat in the front. Now, I'm always on my own with her and I had a little bit of postnatal anxiety, so there's no way I could have driven with her in the back.

"It would have been more dangerous than her being in the front. I found out that you can take a baby in the front if you turn the airbag off. So, that's what I do."

"And some woman said, 'That is so bad, just because it's legal doesn't mean it's OK.' And I replied, 'Well, how is she going to be able to turn the radio over if she doesn't sit in the front?'"

Advising on travelling safely with a newborn child, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents confirms what Shaughna suggests.

On their website, they advise: "If the car does not have airbags in the front, or if they can be deactivated, or if the car has sensors which switches the airbag off automatically when you fit a child seat, then you can legally carry a rearward facing baby seat in the front."

But the organisation adds: "However, it is still better to fit it in the rear."

Shaughna recently jetted off to Mallorca with her baby daughter, during which time she shared some snaps to Instagram of her sunny holiday.

Captioning the photos, she wrote: "Experiencing the world again through my daughters' eyes is one of the best gifts motherhood has given me. Life has a habit of hardening us, seeing beauty in the small things is good for the soul."

Shaughna's October getaway and latest swimwear snaps come just a month after she was forced to assure her fans that she's "not pregnant" as she enjoyed another holiday.

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