Stacey Solomon ‘puts pressure’ on Joe Swash amid festive clash: ‘Don’t try and hurry me!’

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Stacey Solomon, 31, has become a social media sensation in recent years as fans eagerly watch her Instagram page to see what she and her family get up to on a daily basis. And over the weekend, it seems she was having a bit of a tough time motivating her partner Joe Swash to get excited for what she called “sleigh day”.

Joe’s decided to have the longest bath on Sleigh day just to annoy me so I’m sitting on here trying to put the pressure on

Stacey Solomon

The celebration referred to the picking up of their latest Christmas decoration Santa’s sleigh, but it seemed Stacey was much more excited than Joe.

Posting to her Instagram story, she videoed herself attempting to hurry him up as he tried to enjoy a somewhat relaxing bath.

She said in the video: “Just sat in the bathroom trying to hurry up Joe.”

The EastEnders star could be heard off-camera retorting: “Listen, don’t try and hurry me up!

“Every time you have a bath you put the flowers out, candles out, you’re in here for about three hours…”

Stacey argued: “I don’t have a bath on Sleigh Day, do I?” to which Joe shrieked: “It’s not a real day!”

Confirming to her followers it was indeed a real day to her, the mum-of-three captioned the video: “Joe’s decided to have the longest bath on Sleigh day just to annoy me so I’m sitting on here trying to put the pressure on.”

As always, she kept her followers updated as she shared a picture on the way to pick up the hand-crafted decoration.

Stacey wrote: “Finally out and on our way to pick up a sleigh. Happy Sleigh Day!”

And it seemed to go down a hit with the children, as the Solomon/Swash household was truly bursting with Christmas cheer.

Sharing a further heartfelt video, she said: “Current situation. We’re back and straight out into the garden.

“They’re so excited my heart is physically hurting!”

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She continued: “The best Saturday afternoons are spent with them.

“Love you boys. They were so happy when they finished all the reindeer bits.”

Stacey added of their craftmanship: “Not going to lie, I did have to go over every bit again.

“Can’t deal with the streaks but they loved it so much and I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.”

The ITV star also shared her latest wrapping hack with her followers, that saw her create the perfect wrapped gift without using sellotape.

“I wanted to wrap without tape this year,” she said, admitting to watching clever tricks on how to create the best looking presents without the unnecessary waste.

Sitting herself down at her new wrapping station, she wowed fans with her latest tricks of the trade, which will almost certainly be carried on by her 3.8million followers.

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