Striking writers ripped into Kim Kardashian for crossing the picket line

So, I usually think Kim Kardashian’s critics are way too harsh. Kim isn’t my favorite person, but she’s not the devil and I’m even on her side on some things. All that being said, I was laughing my ass off on Friday as Kim cluelessly stumbled into a really unnecessary controversy. Months ago, Kim was hired to appear in the latest season of American Horror Story. She’s acted before, and I would assume that she’s a SAG-Aftra union member. Well, the Writers Guild of America is on strike, but that hasn’t stopped AHS from filming right now in Los Angeles. Basically, the only way a show like AHS could film during the writers’ strike is if every single one of the AHS scripts were completed pre-strike, and no WGA-union member is on set to do any rewrites. If there is a writer on set, they are a scab. So Kim just traipsed across the picket line and then began tweeting cluelessly about being “on set.” The striking writers ripped her a new one:

— Los Angeles Magazine (@LAmag) June 23, 2023

— Lauren Ashley Smith (@msLAS) June 23, 2023

— Caroline (@carolinekwan) June 24, 2023

— Jorts (and Jean) (@JortsTheCat) June 23, 2023

— Tim Fitzgerald (@tim__fitzgerald) June 23, 2023

— danielle weisberg (@danielleweisber) June 23, 2023

Of all the things Kim has been called, scab is the most accurate. What an unforced error by Kim – do you know how f–king easy it would have been for her to actually go to a picket line ONE TIME and just show some general support? Instead, she just blundered into this controversy because she hasn’t been paying any attention to what’s actually happening in the industry.

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