The Chase’s Anne Hegerty hits back at criticism over Mark Labbett’s ‘scary godmother’ quip

Anne Hegerty on why she likes spending Christmas alone

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The Chase star Anne Hegerty has taken to Twitter to defend her “wrapping skills” after her co-star Mark Labbett posted a snap of gifts she’d wrapped for his son’s birthday, who is also her godson. The Beast star took to social media to reveal that Anne had generously wrapped a huge pile of presents for his young son, but it wasn’t long before a social media user had taken issue with the way in which the gifts had been wrapped.

But also I am rubbish

Anne Hegerty

In view of his 148,800 followers, the star revealed his son is “always” on his best behaviour due to having The Governess as his godmother.

“My boy’s birthday present thanks to his scary godmother @anne_hegerty he is always on best behaviour,” Mark wrote, alongside a smiling face emoji.

The snap revealed a selection of gifts that had been wrapped up and placed in a bag.

But Anne soon commented on the picture after one of her The Chase co-star’s Twitter followers asked what was wrong with the gift wrap on the presents.

Jo Co asked: “What happened to the wrapping skills,” followed by a thinking face emoji.

Responding to the question, Anne said that the shapes of the gifts were to blame.

She penned: “In my defence, they are weird shapes.

“But also I am rubbish,” she admitted.

Mark shares his young son with Katie Labbett.

In August 2020, the pair announced that they had decided to go their separate ways after a seven-year marriage.

Earlier this year, the quizzer took to social media to open up about his relationship with his The Chase co-star after a viewer shared how they were “touched” by the quizmaster’s “concern” for his colleague.

It comes after the duo and fellow Chaser Shaun Wallace, 60, embarked on an adventure across the United States for ITV series, The Chasers’ Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles.

The ITV favourite took the opportunity to clarify his feelings, as Mark revealed that Anne is the godmother of his child.

It comes after the person in question replied to The Chase star’s tweet about being petrified while driving an RV through America during their spin-off show.

In view of his 139,000 Twitter followers, Mark penned: “That RV scared the proverbial out of me.

“It was often as wide or wider than the Lane. New found appreciation for lorry and bus drivers.”

During the first episode of The Chasers’ Road Trip, Mark could be seen attempting to navigate the campervan through the streets with Anne and Shaun aboard.

But the quizmaster reassured his co-stars that he had the vehicle under control after a bumpy ride.

A social media user noted: “Really touched by the care and concern for Anne, nice one Mark.”

“Well she is my son’s godmother, that’s how much love and respect I have for her @anne_hegerty,” Mark replied.

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