The Ultimatum's April Melohn Debuts Mystery Boyfriend After Jake Cunningham Split!

April Melohn got her happy ending!

After experiencing heartbreak on Netflix‘s The Ultimatum at the hands of ex-boyfriend Jake Cunningham, the reality star teased a new romance during the show’s reunion…

And now, we’re finding out who exactly has made her so happy!

On Friday, April gushed over her new man, Cody Cooper, and professed her love for him all over Instagram!

The streaming star wrote:

“’One day… you’re gonna meet someone. And they’re gonna make you realize… That there was never anything wrong with you.’ @cody.b.cooper
C, thank you bebeh for being that someone. Thank you for being YOU. Thank you for being the most amazing man, boyfriend, partner & best friend I could ever ask for. I love you, I respect you & I adore you for a million things. First & foremost for committing to me & everything that came with ‘dating me’ because I know it wasn’t easy… Even when I said no, thanks for not letting me go. You’re strong, you’re passionate & you’re persistent… That’s why I fell in love with you from the start because I see so much of myself & who I want to become in YOU.”

She continued:

“So THANK YOU. For all the times you’ve been in my corner. For picking me back up when I’m down. For always being so affectionate & respectful. For always telling me how it is & for always being so gentle in the way that you communicate with me. For pushing me & helping me grow. For your daily assurance & for loving me SO UNCONDITIONALLY. For every laugh & memory made (like breaking my foot on our 2nd date)
I promise to reciprocate being the person for you that you have always been for me. Thank you for walking into my life & showing me what LOVE is.
Love you always, A”

See the full post (below)!

A post shared by April Marie (@itsaprilmarie)

According to his social media, Cody is the owner of Sprout Realty in Austin, Texas. He first posted about April on his feed in January, writing:

“Be with someone who pushes you to be the best version of yourself. @itsaprilmarie”

A post shared by CODY COOPER (@cody.b.cooper)

He also uploaded this following her declaration of love last week:

“It’s only been 6 months & it feels like a lifetime. We’ve traveled the world together, spent holidays/birthdays with family, moved in together & so much more in a short amount of time. On top of it all, while stressing about a reality tv show… but now that it’s aired I’m so proud to see that the world loves you almost as much as I do. @itsaprilmarie”

A post shared by CODY COOPER (@cody.b.cooper)

After learning about her story on the hit Netflix show, we definitely know a few things. He must be down to get married, own a home together, and most importantly, have BABIES! They seem like a cute fit, and as viewers know, April is ready for ALL THE THINGS!

Thoughts, Perezcious readers!? Think they’ll be engaged soon? Sound OFF on their love in the comments! Anyone else SUPER excited at the possibility of another season of The Ultimatum?

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