Tiger Woods' Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren Is Having A Baby

We should have been keeping a closer eye on Elin Nordegren because it looks like the sly minx has gone and secured yet another bag, right from under our noses! Radar got their hands on some exclusive photos of Tiger Woods‘ $100 million dollar ex-wife attending their son’s flag football game, sporting a several months baked baby bump. Nobody knows where or from whom she received the genetic materials that made her ute swell up like a balloon, but given Elin’s status as “the Pope of gold diggers”, chances are each of those sperm were wearing a top hat and a teeny tiny monocle when they moved in on that egg.

Elin and Tiger have two kids together, so this will be her third. In this instance, Radar’s always reliable and never suspect reporting is bolstered with photographic evidence. If Elin is not several months pregnant, the stories they told you as a kid about what happens when you eat watermelon seeds were all true.

I guess she couldn’t just let Tiger have his big comeback without having another big come up of her own. The pregnancy news apparently came as a surprise to many as Elin’s been laying low since she broke up with her last known billionaire Chris Cline. According to Radar “the two split in 2014 after over a year of dating” and reunited briefly in 2016.

In the photos, Nordegren was spotted without an engagement or wedding ring. It is unclear who the father of the child is.

“She hasn’t come with a man,” the source said. “She’s never with a boyfriend.”

When Tiger has been out of town for golf, the children have been with a nanny, the insider said of recent games.

The source added, “When Elin showed up, no one knew she was pregnant”. “She has to be a few months,” the insider said. “If not a few months, then further.”

I could be wrong about Elin, though. Maybe she decided she has enough money as it is and got knocked up my some down on his luck musician and is applying her gold digging skills to the venerated art of home-wrecking instead. Or maybe she just wants to have one kid she doesn’t low-key hate because they look too much like Tiger.

Pic: Wenn.com

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