TOWIE star Amy Childs reveals plans to become a midwife as she ‘loves interacting with other mothers’

Former TOWIE star Amy Childs has revealed that she is embarking upon a private midwife course, as she is so interested in everything to do with motherhood.

Amy, 28, told MailOnline at at The Baby Show in Birmingham: “Next month I'm gonna do a private midwife course. I'm so into all the mummy things. I just love it.

“It isn't [something I've always wanted to do]. It's since I've had the children it's got me thinking. I love talking to mums, I love interacting with mums.

"I've got a mummyways page which is about everything, and the interaction I get on it is unbelievable. Last night I got 700 messages, people asking my advice, what I would do.

"And I've always said: 'I'm not an expert, I'm just giving you my views on what I've found to work.'

"I'm so interested in it that I've decided that next month I'm going to apply to become a private midwife. I know it's going to take time, but that's what I'd love to do."

Amy is mum to daughter Polly, two, and a baby son, who was born in September, 2018.

Amy welcomed Polly with her ex-boyfriend Bradley Wright, with the pair splitting not long after her arrival.

The beauty gave birth to her son with her business boyfriend, Ritchie, with the tot’s name not yet revealed.

Amy also told Mail Online that she is not planning on expanding her brood anytime soon, as having two children under two years old is tough work.

She said: "I love being a mum and I feel like I took motherhood on really, really well.

"Everyone here at The Baby Show Birmingham is pregnant and I'm like "Shall I have another baby?" Definitely, definitely not. Two under two is very hard work."

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