Vanessa Bryant Wins Big in Kobe's BodyArmor Lawsuit

Vanessa Bryant was victorious in a lawsuit over one of the biggest investments Kobe Bryant ever made … and in the process of winning, she exposed some pretty awful, racially-charged smack talk.

The background — Kobe plunked down $6 million back in 2013 for a 10% interest in the sports drink company, BodyArmor. Several years later, the company sold to Coca-Cola for a whopping $5.6 BILLION. Kobe’s investment reportedly netted him $400 million.

Molly Carter

In 2019, six months before Kobe was killed in a tragic helicopter accident, the President of Kobe Inc., Molly Carter, claimed Kobe promised her 2% of his cut. Kobe called BS on her, saying he never made such a promise.

Molly sued, and Vanessa picked up the mantle and not only defended the case, she filed her own counterclaim, alleging Molly violated the duty of loyalty and the non-disparagement clause in her employment contract by trash-talking Kobe and his family.

As for the alleged trash-talking … Vanessa claimed she referred to Kobe as an “asshole,” a “douche nugget,” and a “dick wad.” She says Molly called her the “f***ing devil,” “bitch” and PSYCHO,” even mocking Vanessa’s newborn as having “botox lips.”

Vanessa says while Molly was working for the company, she was permitted to travel to an NBA All-Star game and on the jet she groused, there were “a lot of fancy-ass Black people” on the plane.

The case went to arbitration and Vanessa prevailed on both the lawsuit and her counterclaim and was awarded more than $1.5 mil in attorney’s fees.

Kobe’s legal team has just filed docs, obtained by TMZ, asking an Orange County Superior Court judge to ratify the arbitration award.

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