‘We’re all human’ Riverdance’s Michael Flatley says he regrets bad boy antics in his youth

Michael Flatley performs in Lord of the Dance in throwback

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Michael Flatley, 63, has said that he regrets his early days as an incorrigible womaniser. The star also said he may even have been wilder if he had discovered fame at an earlier age.

The dancer was well known for his open-shirt Irish dancing on shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.

He spoke to the Daily Mirror yesterday about how people deserve more “leeway” for the mistakes they make, as imperfect humans.

The star explained: “We’re all of us human, you know.

“We have to give people a little bit of room. A little bit of, you know, leeway.

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“We’ve all made mistakes. We’ve all done stupid things from time to time.”

He continued, saying he has loved doing what he has done for his whole life.

Michael said he “enjoyed (myself) to the fullest.”

The dancer reminded fans that he was already 35 when he got his first breakthrough.  

He said he may well have gone “even more” off the rails if he’d achieved fame at a young age.

But he nevertheless expressed gratitude for where he was right now.

Michael expressed: “It’s impossible to say, but I’m sure the chances would be much greater that things would have gotten a little bit crazy.

“But at this point in my life I’m blessed.”

Since coming on to the stage for the first time on the interval act for Eurovision in 1994, Michael has gone on to amass £300 million in personal fortune.

The star was first married to Beata Dziaba ended after 11 years in 1997.

It ended after he admitted he was having an affair with Dancer Kelley Byrne.

In April 2006, Michael announced a split from his live-in fiancée Lisa Murphy.

The split occurred only two months prior to Michael meeting his current dancer wife, Niamh O’Brien.

He said that he had a “very loving wife” and that the two were “like-minded.”

Michael added that she was “very intelligent.”

The two share a son, Michael St. James, 14, together.

The dancing star said that he was lucky that his wife helped their son with his homework as it was “beyond him.”

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