Why Little Khushi Makes Her Own Ganesha

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Jyoti Kapade from Dombivli writes about her daughter, Khushi, who studies in Class 6 at the IES Chandrakant Patkar School:

‘Ganesha has had a special place in our heart since childhood as the God with an elephant’s face and cute little chubby child’s body so she always prepares an eco-friendly Ganesha from clay and makes our environment pollution-free.

‘Let’s start good things from ourselves.

‘This festival we are celebrating to make God happy.

‘Can God become happy if we are doing such kinds of pollution in our environment?

‘If everybody will think like this then we can easily preserve our tradition with the same essence and make India pollution free.

‘We have experienced it now it’s your turn!

‘Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to share talent.’ Please click on/hover over the image to see how Khushi made her Ganesha.


Sandip Pandya from Kandivali, north west Mumbai, prepares for visarjan. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Nilesh and Shilpa Mahajani, also from Kandivali, take a picture with Lord Ganesha.

The idol has been installed in their building, which has been celebrating Ganeshostsav for 11 years. Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


‘We have been celebrating Ganeshotsav ever since I was born,’ says Mahendra Pandit from Thane.

‘Lord has the power to re-energise everyone and bring peace.

‘For me, He epitomises strength, success and knowledge.

‘This year we had a toned down but very much ecofriendly theme with the Lord on a mountain top.

‘The idol is also ecofriendly.’ Please click on/hover over the image for a closer look.


Jiyaan Raval from Vadodara’s Karelibaug area is celebrating Ganeshostav with great devotion and enthusiasm.

‘I love Bappa because He brings lots of Positivity, Energy and Blessings for all of us.

‘I also get a chance to dance on Ganpati Bappa songs in school.

Ganpati Bappa Moriya…’

Jiyaan has also invited Chhota Bheem to celebrate with him.


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