X Factor star begs for help as he shows off gruesome eyelid surgery: ‘I’ve gone too far’

The X Factor star Christopher Maloney has begged for help after admitting he had “gone too far” with his latest bout of cosmetic surgery.

The 45 year old singer, who rose to fame on the ITV talent show in 2012, shared pictures of his post-op bloodied and bruised face to his Instagram account. He went under the knife after jetting abroad for surgery on his eyelids.

Alongside the images, he wrote: “I think I've gone too far. Need a hug.” He hashtagged the post 'body dysmorphia’.

In a second post, which showed another snap of his face, with stitches around his upper and lower eyelids, he added: “Enough said! xx #depressionhelp #cosmeticsurgery.”

Fans were quick to post messages of support to the despondent singer. One wrote: “I'm sending you hugs, please, please stop doing this. You really are a handsome fella with a good heart. Please no more.”

Another said: “Oh Chris My heart breaks for you please reach out to your friends and family this is so sad to see.” A third said: “Aww Chris sending you the hugest hug, please no more, you are beautiful inside & out, vital hugs & kisses.”

A fourth posted: “You can overcome this, we’re all supporting you.” Another added: “Sending you lots of love.”

Body dysmorphia is a mental health condition that causes a person to spend a lot of time worrying about their appearance. Christopher has previously opened up on his battle with the condition during an appearance on Loose Women in 2018.

He revealed he had gained three stone as part of therapy to help counteract his body dysmorphia. He said: "When I used to eat I used to feel very guilty… but now I’ve put on healthy weight. The anxiety and depression is gone – the treatment has definitely sorted it. It's gone into remission…"

Christopher has had several cosmic surgery procedures over the years – spending an estimated £100,000 in total. In 2017, the singer flew to Poland with Danniella Westbrook for a nose job, eye lift and hair transplant.

When he returned home, he was reportedly rushed to hospital with suspected deep vein thrombosis. It was said he was left terrified when he woke up with no feeling in his legs after returning to Liverpool from the surgery trip to Poland.

Christopher has previously spoken about how he was driven to change his appearance following abuse he received while on X Factor in 2012.

Speaking on This Morning in 2015, he said: “X Factor was great, but as the series was going on, I was getting really bad trolls and they were telling me that they were going to kill me, shoot me. I was called Mr Potato Head, that I was ugly, that I had a big nose and it just affected me so much and at the end of the final, I did have a breakdown.”

Earlier this year, Christopher was left fighting for his life after eating a bad Chinese meal, He fell ill a few hours after eating shredded duck and pancakes and was later told that he'd been struck down with Campylobacter E-Coli – a condition which can prove lethal.

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