Yolanda Hadid Admits to Being ‘Worst Mom Ever’ While Responding to Viral TikTok

The former ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star pokes fun at criticism of her parenting skills by sharing a video of her own on the video-sharing platform.

AceShowbizYolanda Hadid has reacted to a viral TikTok video that criticized her parenting skills. The former “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star responded to the clip by sharing a video of her own on Thursday, September 29.

In Yolanda’s video, which was also shared on the video-sharing platform, the 58-year-old could be seen snacking on almonds in different settings at her farmhouse in Pennsylvania. The clip was set to the tune of Rosalia‘s hit song “Bizcochito”.

The former model additionally poked fun at the criticism in her caption which read, “worstmomever #almonds.”

Some fans, however, didn’t find Yolanda mocking the criticism funny. “It’s not funny. You’re just trying to stop people from [holding] you accountable for what you have shown and advertised for the world to see,” one user commented.

“It would be funny if it wasn’t true,” another person wrote. Another user, meanwhile, said, “The audacity.”

The video arrived after a TikTok user slammed Yolanda for her treatment of her famous daughters Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid, whom she shares with ex-husband Mohamed Hadid. In a July post, user @pattypopculture claimed that Yolanda “starved” Gigi and Bella for the sake of their modeling careers. “[She] made sure they never ate anything too calorie-dense, not even cake on their birthday,” the influencer said.

Some old clips from “RHOBH” were also included. One of them showed Yolanda telling Gigi, “It’s hard to not eat any sugar, and it’s hard to have to eat salad every day.” In another scene, Gigi told her mom during a phone call, “I’m feeling really weak. I had, like, half an almond.” To that, Yolanda replied, “Have a couple of almonds. Chew them really well.”

He also pointed out that Bella previously shared she once suffered from disordered eating. Additionally, the influencer accused Yolanda of making Bella feel like “the ugly, less-than sister” in comparison to Gigi as she allowed Bella to undergo facial reconstructive surgery at the age of 14 to fix her nose.

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