Bengaluru: Gang kills man, surrenders at police station with body

Bhaskar was allegedly in a relationship with Muniraju's sister which triggered the assault on him, said the police.

A gang of four which allegedly killed a 24-year-old man took the body to the Annapoorneshwari Nagar police station in Bengaluru and surrendered in the early hours of Sunday.

The deceased, identified as Bhaskar, was a garment worker. The accused are Muniraju (28), an autorickshaw driver, Maruti (22), who runs an ironing shop, Nagesh (22), a cab driver and Prashanth (20).

Bhaskar was allegedly in a relationship with Muniraju’s sister which triggered the assault on him, said the police. Bhaskar and Muniraju’s sister worked in the same garment shop. She had left her husband and was living in her mother’s home for the last 15 days. On Saturday evening, following a fight over the same issue, the woman informed Bhaskar about her problem. Bhaskar came to her residence and took her along with her younger child. The elder son refused to go with Bhaskar and informed his uncle Muniraju about this.

Muniraju stopped Bhaskar’s auto-rickshaw and forced them to get into his. His friends soon joined him. He left his sister and the child at his home and took Bhakar to an isolated place near Kebbehalla. Muniraju and the other accused assaulted Bhaskar for nearly two hours, said the police.

During the assault, Muniraju headbutted Bhaskar who collapsed immediately. The accused initially thought Bhaskar was acting as if he was unconscious but later they discovered that he was dead. Muniraju called up his mother and on her advice, they took the body to the police station.

Annapoorneshwari Nagar police have registered a case of murder and have taken the accused to custody for further probe.

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