Delhi: Ruckus inside Mandoli jail, officials say inmates banged their heads on walls and stabbed themselves

One inmate had to be taken to GTB hospital for treatment. The whole incident was recorded on CCTV.

Around 51 jail inmates went on a “rampage” in Mandoli jail on Monday evening, deliberately injuring themselves, the jail staff claimed.

The incident happened after two inmates were stopped from stepping outside their ward and the staff had to use “mild force” to control them. One inmate had to be taken to GTB hospital for treatment.

DG (Tihar) Sandeep Goel said, “Twenty three inmates have minor injuries, and first aid treatment was provided to them in the jail dispensary. Most of them had minor injuries while one inmate was sent to GTB hospital.”

A senior jail official said, “The incident took place when two jail inmates, Mhd Danish (30) and Anish (35), were asked by the jail staff not to come out of their ward at around 5.30 pm due to security reasons in view of several gang rivalries. But they did not accept their request and got agitated. Danish and Anish went inside where they first injured themselves and later asked others to injure themselves.”

After seeing the ruckus, the jail administration immediately raised an alarm and all the jail staff went inside to stop them. “They did not stop and were injuring themselves after hitting their heads on the wall and stabbing themselves with sharp-edged weapons. The jail staff then used mild force and stopped them,” the officer said.

The whole incident was recorded on CCTV. “Injured were immediately taken to a jail dispensary and medical assistance was provided to them. Danish is a close associate of jailed gangster Chhenu Pehalwan and has six snatching, one attempt to murder, three robbery and two arms act cases against him. The inmate Anish has seven snatchings, four robberies and one attempt to murder case against him,” the officer added.

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