Dwarka ‘honour killing’: Couple had approached court for protection

The ruthless attack left 24-year-old Vinay Dahiya dead and his wife, 19-year-old Kiran, severely injured.

Sounds of gunfire rocked a Dwarka neighbourhood on Thursday night as six-seven men broke into a house at 8.30 pm and fired around 10 bullets at a couple who had married against the wishes of their families. The ruthless attack left 24-year-old Vinay Dahiya dead and his wife, 19-year-old Kiran, severely injured.

Police suspect the couple, who had eloped from Haryana’s Sonepat and got married in August last year, were the target of an “honour killing”. Police have detained Kiran’s family members, including her father and brother, for questioning.

Police have so far found that the couple had filed a petition before the Punjab and Haryana Court last year seeking protection from Kiran’s family.

Their advocate, Abhimanyu Kalsy, said, “They approached me alleging that Kiran’s family was not allowing them to get married and giving them death threats.”

The court disposed of the petition, stating that the petitioners should approach local police for protection.

Kalsy claimed: “No protection was provided to them and in fact an FIR was lodged against Vinay by the girl’s family, which alleged she was a minor and Vinay was trying to forcibly marry her. She was 18 when they got married. I later moved a plea seeking quashing of the FIR, which was subsequently done, but no police assistance was provided to them.”

Recounting the events of last night, residents of Dwarka’s Ambrahi village said they initially thought a cylinder exploded. The crime came to light soon after, when people discovered Vinay, a cab driver working at the airport, lying dead on the road, and Kiran injured on the terrace of an apartment building. The couple had moved into this apartment three-four days ago.

Police said Vinay sustained at least four bullet injuries, while Kiran was shot at least five times.

Jyoti, the couple’s neighbour and landlady, said: “I was inside my house when I heard the firing. Initially, I thought a cylinder had exploded. I went outside to check and found Kiran was running towards the terrace and Vinay running downstairs. I immediately went inside and locked the doors. Vinay was later found dead in a narrow lane. The men who came to kill them left shortly after.”

Police said they received a call around 9 pm and found Kiran on the terrace of the adjoining building and her husband near a shop. The couple were rushed to Venkateshwar hospital where Vinay was declared dead on arrival. Kiran is critical.

Raguvendra Khurana, another neighbour, said: “I saw three-four men standing outside the couple’s house on the second floor. The firing lasted almost five minutes. The assailants kept firing while the couple were trying to escape.”

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