No merger of J&K Panchayat Conference with any political party, clarifies Anil Sharma

President of All Jammu Kashmir Panchayat Conference (AJKPC) Anil Sharma on Friday called Shafiq Mir a self-styled leader and outrightly rejected the latter’s claims of AJKPC’s merger with Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party.

Shafiq Mir on Thursday was welcomed into Apni Party by Altaf Bukhari and the former had announced the merger of AJKPC with Apni Party.

However, Anil Sharma rejected Mir’s claims that AJKPC has merged with Apni Party.

“AJKPC continues to pursue its activities and there is no question of merging the apex body with any political party,” he said at a press conference here.

Sharma informed that Shafiq Mir has joined the Apni Party in his individual capacity but All Jammu and Kashmir Panchayat Conference as an organisation has nothing to do with his joining and there is no question of merging the decade-old representative body of elected panches and sarpanches with any of the political party.

Sharma also said that AJKPC was a legally registered body having its own constitution and charter.

AJKPC also owns trademark rights over the title and no person is allowed to infringe the legal right of this organisation and whosoever was found indulging in violation of this right may have to face legal consequences including civil suit and criminal prosecution, he said.

Sharma regretted that Altaf Bukhari was misled and misinformed by Shafiq Mir, a self-styled leader, who sometimes calls himself chairman and convenor of the AJKPC.

“Having highest regards for senior political leader Altaf Bukhari, I request him to be careful from individuals who misrepresent and distort facts for petty gains,” he added.

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