Sisodia asks officials to expedite the setting up of tree transplantation cell

Delhi environment minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday headed a review meeting of the environment and the forest department and directed officials to expedite work on several projects, including the setting up a dedicated “Tree Transplantation Cell”.

Sisodia directed the environment department to initiate work on the recently notified transplantation policy, which includes setting up the cell, and building the technical know-how of the transplantation process.

“He also directed the department to initiate the process of empanelling agencies that have the technical skills and experience to carry out tree transplantation, and finish such work in a timebound manner,” said a statement issued by the Delhi government on Wednesday.

The statement added, “The Delhi government under its campaign “Yudh Pradushan Key Virudh (war against pollution)” has taken several steps to control dust pollution. Along the same lines, Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) has been working on formulating new dust pollution control norms for big (greater than 20,000 square metres) construction sites.”

The government said these norms would ensure that all big construction sites take adequate measures to control dust.

In the review meeting, the minister was also reported to have stressed the urgent need to bring “regulations to control dust emanating from these big sites.”

“He directed the department to discuss with various stakeholders as well as technical experts and finalise these norms on an urgent basis,” the \statement said.

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