A U.S. citizen’s long struggle for vaccination

He gets nod, but decides to go back

Johny Pierece, 75, a U.S. citizen staying at Wagamon for over 14 months finally was given permission to receive the COVID-19 vaccine after the U.S. embassy office at Chennai intervened in the affair.

Mr. Pierece was staying on at Wagamon after renewing his visa. With the number of COVID-19 cases increasing, he wanted to get himself vaccinated and has been trying for it from January. But every time, he was informed that only Indian citizens will be vaccinated.

When he received the same answer last Tuesday, he contacted the embassy. He was informed by the embassy officials that he could get vaccinated. However, Mr. Pierece has changed his mind now. He said that with cases spiralling here, he would like to return to his country and had booked flight tickets.

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