Accounts are regularly audited, says Kukke temple

The management of Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple has said that temple accounts are being regularly audited by agencies concerned and there has been a delay in accounting only for financial year 2020-21 due to the COVID-19 situation.

Temple Managing Committee president Mohanram Sulli and Executive Officer Ningaiah told reporters at Subrahmanya that there was no substance in the charge made by a few people that accounts were not audited.

Audits for 2012-15 were done by the government audit department, Mangaluru Circle, while those for 2015-19 were done by private chartered accountants chosen from a panel suggested by the district administration. And, the temple’s auditor has carried out audit for 2019-20.

The temple management has written time and again to the government to conduct audit for 2020-21, they said. It had also urged the government to conduct audit by government auditors from 2015-16, though audits were done by private chartered accountants.

Mr. Ningaiah said that the temple has maintained records for every kind of income, including offering boxes, sevas and rent. Purchases of essentials for the temple and execution of works were carried out in a transparent manner through e-procurement and tender. Master Plan projects are being executed through the Public Works Department as per the government direction. All these are being done after due approval at different levels, right from the administrator to the government.

The Executive Officer said that the management is prepared to facilitate any kind of inquiry by the government and records are available at the temple. Mr. Sulli cautioned that the management might launch legal proceedings against those indulging in malicious campaign against the management.

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