Actor Vikram suffering from heart attack is a rumour

In the most recent times, there had been tittle-tattles surrounded the public that well known actor Chiyaan Vikram was suffering from heart attack and was admitted to hospital. Now, it has been proved by his manager Suriyanarayan that Vikram has suffered with a mild chest pain, but it is not heart attack. There is no heart complaint for him to suffer.

The manager tweeted, “Dear fans and well wishers, Chiyaan Vikram had mild chest discomfort and is being treated for the same. He did not have a heart attack as reports falsely claim. We are pained to hear rumours to this effect. That being said, we request you to give him and the family the privacy they need at this time. Our dear Chiyaan is fine now. He is likely to be discharged from hospital in a day. We hope this statement provides clarity and trust that the false rumours will be put to rest.”

So, fortunately, Vikram is fine at his health condition and will be discharged soon from the hospital. Getting heard of Vikram’s stable condition, all his fans relieved from the feelings of stress and worry. It is being estimated that Vikram could not make his presence at any event until his complete recovery. Let’s hope Vikram to recover soon.

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