Airbus Beluga – World Largest Cargo Plane at Hyderabad Airport

Airbus Beluga, one of the world’s largest cargo planes, landed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad on 4th December. As per the information, Airbus Beluga arrived from Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai and would fly to Pattaya Airport in Thailand. Hyderabad Airport was chosen due to its strong infrastructure and technical parameters.

See how big it is? It is not a passenger plane.  Cargo flights are the only way to quickly transport goods from one country to another. It takes weeks to transport goods and medicines from one country to another by sea and land routes. Air is the way to deliver urgent and valuable goods within hours. Airbus Beluga, the world’s largest cargo plane, has landed at Hyderabad International Airport. Visitors flocked to see it.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport  made special arrangements for Beluga landing, parking and take-off. Airbus Beluga is famous for transporting heavy air cargo.

World’s largest cargo plane Antonov AN 225 arrived at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in  the year 2016. The  2nd  largest cargo plane Airbus Beluga recently landed. The cargo plane loaded with cargo from Hyderabad went to Pattaya in Thailand.

The weight of the aircraft is 86 tons. It can move 47 tons of cargo at a time. Airbus, the world famous company in making airplanes, is introducing this Beluga to many countries. As part of that, it landed at Hyderabad International Airport.

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