Alagiri to kick off Cong. membership campaign

District unit offers rewards of gold, silver coins to cadre who enrol more members

Although the Congress had the highest strike rate among all parties in the recently concluded Assembly polls, the party’s bargaining capacity for seats is often hindered by its limited cadre strength in many regions of the State. The Tamil Nadu Congress Committee hopes to set this right by embarking on a membership drive, beginning with Chennai, before the urban local body polls are announced.

On Sunday next, TNCC president K.S. Alagiri will undertake a membership drive at Saidapet where he will go door-to-door to enrol people into the Congress party. “This will be the first time a TNCC president will personally reach out to people to get them to enrol in the party. Earlier, the TNCC presidents used to give the membership cards to the office bearers who would then enrol members,” according to G.K. Muralidharan, TNCC general secretary.

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