Anand Mahindra : I will never become the richest because…..

The chairman of the Mahindra Group- Anand Mahindra, is quite active on social media and frequently shares posts about non-business-related topics, and motivational tales. He frequently responds to some of the queries posed by users. Anand Mahindra is one of the most popular people on Twitter. He has more than one crore followers on this social media platform.  He  answers the questions asked by the netizens. He shares good stories and inspires others. His tweets are sometimes very funny. 

On 11th December, Anand Mahindra replied to a month old question asked by a netizen on when he will rank number 1 on the richest list of Indians. Anand Mahindra replied, “The truth is that I will never become the richest, because this was never my wish.”

 One of the netizen wrote: Richest is the one, who doesn’t need anything more…. Another Twitter user tweeted: The Eagle always fly above cloud, Rankings are for those who need external, definitely don’t need it, what you created will produce many Richest people in India. Another netizen wrote: I don’t think those who’ve reached there ever wished to be reachest in world. they’re beyond such small thinking. They’re just expanding business to best of their abilities & reached that milestone in the process. I’m sure, you can also reach there even if you don’t wish for it.

As per Forbes, Anand Mahindra ranks at number 91 with net worth of $2.1 billion. Forbes India on 29th  November released the list of  India Rich people 2022.

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